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Dr Ravindra Dargainya

Dr. Ravindra Dargainya

Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, Trichologist, Allergy Specialist, STI/AIDS Consultant.

Dr Prachi Dargainya

Dr. Prachi Dargainya

Physiotherapist & Nutritionist

Skilled in Orthopaedic injuries, Aches and Pain, Bell's Palsy, Paralysis, Ante/Post natal Consultation.

Dr. Prachi Dargainya, has completed her Bachelors in Physiotherapy from a highly reputed college in Mumbai. She has valuable degree Certificates in Nutrition and Child Care.
Attached to reputed hospitals in Mumbai like Vinayak Hospital and Sai Swayam Hospital. She is Managing Director for Ashtavinayak Health Care Trust.
Her major interests are Orthopaedic and Sports injuries, has also mastered NDT for paralytic and paretic cases. She has skilled the techniques of Mulligan, Maitland and Sports taping.
She updates her knowledge and skills by regularly attending Seminars and Workshops
She conducts Weight reduction programs which includes fat reduction machines, balanced and individualized diet charts and Exercise protocol.