Male Breast Reduction

Having large breasts like females can be very embarrassing for a man; this is to hormonal changes in the body during puberty and this causes formation of breast tissues and enlarges in most boys. In majority of the boys this disappears as the hormone surge reduces. If these are not the reasons then, both breast tissues and fatness forms male breast problems. Enlarged male breasts are usually a combination of fat and excess breast tissue. This problem of men having large breast can be eliminate with simple Liposuction surgery or ‘Gynecomastia Surgery’. This procedure can also be done at day time by using small incisions.

Gynecomastia Breast Reduction Surgery

One on other side of the male chest. These scars fade and are barely visible in a few weeks. Swelling that occurs due to operation takes about three weeks to heal but results permanent. Male breast surgery is a procedure of using certain liposuction instruments. The scars or marks are only about 3-4 mm long and to make them invisible completely you will have to wear pressure garment for at least 3 weeks to support the skin to get heal properly. Occasionally enlarged male breasts are associated with very loose skin which is usually seen in people who have lost a lot of weight or those who have very large breasts. In such cases we usually recommend 2 staged procedure in which the first stage involves reduction of the breast volume by power liposuction. The breast is then allowed to shrink for about 3 months. After this period if the person wants skin tightening then it is done through small cuts around the areola sometimes extending to the sides.

Improved Results:

Common way of treating male breast is done by making big cut below nipples and cutting out only breast tissues and the results would definitely improve appearance. This deformity often becomes exaggerated when the person flexes his muscles. This leaves the person very embarrassed as this is a telltale sign of having large breasts which have not been operated in the right manner. Liposuction is not only capable of removing breast tissues but, it can also remove extra fat deposits that present chest.