Breast Augmentation

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation : increases the size of the breasts through the insertion of silicon or saline implants. A realistic result is the best to expect and our cosmetic surgeons will help you choose a shape and size that is best for you depeding on your body shape and stretchability of the chest skin. They will also explain about various types of implants and their implications.

Where is the Incision for breast Implant?

Some surgeons prefer incision on the under surface of the breast measuring about 4-5 cms. Periareolar incsions are also undertaken. Some surgeons prefer an axillary incision to insert the implant. The incisions are placed in such areas that they are least noticeable.

How much time required for breast augmentation?

1-2 hours are usually needed. Time requirements can, of course, vary.

Do I require admission or Is it an outpatient procedure?

One has to be in the hospital for 5-6 hrs after surgery. Some patients prefer to stay overnight.

What is the recovery time for breast augmentation?

The usual recovery period is about 2 weeks. But working women can usually return to their work within 3-4 days. Doctor will remove sutures about 7-12 days after surgery. You can do aerobic activity and vigourous exercises after a month to 6 weeks.

Do I have much discomfort after breast augmentation?

Pain and discomfort is usually quite tolerable, lasting for just a few days in most circumstances.

What types of anesthesia is necessary for breast augmentation surgery?

General anesthesia is necessary.

What else can I combine breast augmentation with?

While considered major surgery, it is generally a less invasive plastic surgery procedure, allowing for other cosmetic procedures to be performed in conjunction with breast enlargement. Some of the most popular procedures combined with breast enlargement are:

Liposuction/Fat Reduction.

Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty.

Are there any side effects of breast augmentation?

It can cause temporary discomfort, bruising, soreness, swelling, and or skin wrinkling; temporary change in nipple sensation. In rare cases there may be some infection.